The Story So Far

Dragon Princes now has quite a complicated storyline! With every game influenced by those that came before it, and influencing those that are yet to come, there's a lot going on. You don't need to know the story across the multiple games to appreciate what's going on in your game, but if you're interested, this is a quick summary of the entire thing so far. As more games get played, I'll update this post!

Nine Months Ago
The mercenaries of the Company of the Wolf stopped the bronze dragon Generale Corragio from conquering the Salassi Valley in north-western Tirenia.They discovered the ancient system of monoliths designed by the last gold dragon emperor to channel magic and destroyed it before it could fall into the hands of the red dragon Rubina. Rubina and the company are killed in the explosion. The fall of the monolith network sends a surge of magic throughout Tirenia.Rubina's skull was claimed by the preacher Fra Salvatore, who started touring it around Tiren…

The Ruins of Auromia, Session Five: The Gods Return

The walls of Auromia was crumbling and covered in moss, but still impressive. They stretched fifty feet tall, and the wide cobbled road stretched through open gates into the heart of the city. Inside, the buzz of insects and the chatter of birds reverberated from inside the eldritch forest that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was into the forest that Accluso, Dova, Forza, Ilaria, Noke, and Sorrel were bound now, to find the Temple of Morta inside. Once they had passed the city walls, they found the way difficult: trees had pushed through the road, thick roots made the path uneven, and in some cases the trees had even grown through buildings, shattering them. With the thick forest canopy overhead, only the occasional rays of light dappled the path ahead of them.

As they picked their way through the undergrowth, they became aware of a woman gesturing to them from an upstairs window. Noke sent his sparrow companion Tiu to investigate; it appeared to just be a commoner wearing a…

Daily Life: Death and Dying

Tirenians have a number of traditions and superstitions about death and the dead. They believe that receiving the last rites before dying is important, to give the best chance of reaching Paradiso, or minimising the time that must be spent in Purgatorio. Tirenians believe in the importance of burial. In early times, people believed the soul and the body remained connected even after death, while cremation would annihilate the body and the soul. This belief may be derived from the actual effects of dragonfire. This is why burning is saved as the greatest punishment for the very worst criminals. La Salvatrice herself died after being burnt at the stake, although in her case it clearly did not affect the state of her soul. 
Even in these modern days, folk belief about the importance of burial continues. Tirenians believe in burying the body. The funeral is to encourage the soul of the departed to move on; for this reason, Tirenians believe in dressing in dark colours, acting somberly, a…

Daily Life: Health and Hygiene

Tirenians do not have the same need for privacy as we do today. They are happy to wash and defecate in public places. The very rich have their own private bathing facilities at home, but most urban Tirenians in large cities use the public bathhouses. These are not divided by gender, which leads to stories of immorality at the bathhouses. Some people feel that this public bathing is what allowed the terrible Great Death to spread so quickly. There are also some priests who feel that excessive bathing is a sign of vanity, and who let themselves become positively disgusting as a sign of their piety, but this is unusual. Meanwhile, rural Tirenians have outdoor privies, while an urban Tirenian would probably use a chamber pot, which is emptied into the street. Poorer citizens will use a public toilet, which would empty directly into the river. During the night, ‘night soil men’ come with their wagons to collect the waste and take out of the city to be reused as fertiliser.

Disease is rampa…

Street Rat VI

The latest installment of Claire's Street Rat game! There are some big dramatic moments this time around!

The Ruins of Auromia - Session Four: Blood and Hops

After the battle at the Temple to Bellona, there was a celebration. When Accluso, Dova, Forza, Ilaria, Noke, and Sorrel returned to the Cigno that night, they were all very drunk. That did not stop the strange dreams of the forest from returning again. Dova's dreams were more intense that night: she dreamed of blood and murder, and awoke to find herself sleepwalking, standing over Forza with her arms outstretched - whether to seize the magical sword he had retrieved from the Cavaliere Rosso, or to strangle him, she did not know.

When everyone awoke hungover the next day, it was nearly noontime. They went into the common room for breakfast. The publican Ignazio was helping Bartolomeo and Carlotta, the owners of the local home-brewery, to unload a cask of beer, so his partner Valentino served them while they studied an old map of Auromia and planned their next move. Today was the day of the weekly market, so they were keen to visit it as well. Ilaria wanted to gather the ritual mate…