The History of Tellaia: The Creation of the World

After the ascension of the Prophet, her disciples recorded her words in the Storia. This is the story of the creation of the world. Others may tell it differently.

According to the Storia, in the beginning of time there was only the Demiurge, the primal force of creation. It worked upon itself to create the four elements of air, earth, fire and water, and then worked upon the elements to create the world, Tellaia, and all things upon it. In doing so, aspects of itself awoke, creating all living things. Those closest to the Demiurge were known as the Host, and had the greatest power, while those upon Tellaia itself were the most remote from the Demiurge and became witless beasts and unthinking plants. The Demiurge now defined itself in contrast to all the living things that it had created, and in doing so became personified as the Divine One, all-knowing and all-powerful.

The Supreme One gathered the Host and brought them to Tellaia before departing, and the Host wondered at the many strange forms of life that they found there. The Host began to create all manner of living things, although they could not create anything new: they could only adapt that which already existed. The first amongst the Host was Malifer, and his were the greatest creations. In doing so, he sought to be more like the Creative One.

One day, however, the Host arose to discover a new sort of life: humans. They possessed an immortal soul in the manner of the Host, that would be re-bodied upon their death, but also physical bodies, like the other creatures of Tellaia. They began to create, and started to build new things that had never been seen before.  Malifer was jealous and fearful of humanity, and so he decided to destroy them. He went to the First City, and there tempted the humans into wicked actions, which damaged their souls to such an extent that their souls were unable to reincarnate upon death. In doing so, he damaged his own soul, and became the Enemy, the Adversary, the Corrupter. Perceiving what had happened, the other angels mustered and destroyed the First City.

This was the beginning of the Hostwar. There were three factions in the Hostwar – Malifer and his rebels, the loyalist angels, and those who stayed apart from the conflict. Each side used their creative powers to manufacture great armies for themselves. The angels created aarakocra and dwarves, while the rebels created the goblin and orc races to serve as their slave soldiers. As the conflict raged on, they created greater weapons, The culmination of this was the creation of dragons, the ultimate living weapons. The rebels created the five chromatic dragons, while the loyalists made the five metallic dragons to oppose them. So powerful were dragons that they rivaled or even surpassed the strength of their creators.

At last the Greatest One appeared. This was the first time that the Divine One had directly intervened since creating the world. The Exalted One perceived that the war had grown so great that it threatened to undo Tellaia. It decreed that no longer would the Host be able to interfere in the world without limits. It created the Spheres, and divided Paradiso (home of the loyalists, who we call angels), Purgatorio  (home of those who stayed neutral, who we call fairies) and Inferno (home of the rebels, who we call demons) off from the world. The Ban also placed restrictions on how they could enter the world, and how much they could enter it. Human souls would travel to those realms upon death – those which were virtuous would go to Paradiso, the corrupt would go to Inferno, and the others would go to Purgatorio before being re-incarnated. The creatures of the Hostwar would remain upon Tellaia, however, and would be free to do as they would – including the dragons. The Supreme One then departed from Tellaia, but promised that he would return...

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Art: 'God the Father.' Cima de Conegliano, c. 1515.


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