The History of Tellaia: The Auromian Empire

In central Tirenia, during the time of the giants, a fire giant called Cacus enslaved the humans of Pallantia. He used them to make war upon a nearby brood of gold dragons. The dragons defeated the fire giants and freed the Pallantines, and remained with them as protectors. Over time, the gold dragons became the rulers of Pallantia: they were more intelligent and more long-lived than the humans, and so could rule the Pallantines better than they could rule themselves. This was the beginning of the Auromian Empire. Other peoples joined the Empire as the result of warfare or by inviting the dragons in. The dragons knew and regretted the consequences of their imperialism upon the conquered people, but justified it by considering the long-term positives. Other metallic dragons allied themselves with the gold dragons: in particular, the bronze dragons became the leaders of their armies.

The reign of the Auromian Empire was a time of great prosperity. The dragons were benevolent rulers who sought to improve the lives of those under their control. They instituted a new religion, a Golden Cult worshiping the Emperor as a god, as a way of maintaining order. Monsters remaining from the Hostwar were driven back to the frontiers. There was public education, and science and the arts flourished under draconic patronage. But such times could not last. The enemies of the Auromian Empire were waiting for the moment to strike, but the seeds of the empire's downfall were sowed from within...

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Art: From 'Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus.' Anonymous, c. 1300.


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