The Dragons of Vanzenia

I've decided to start writing a series of short articles about Tirenia, the world of Dragon Princes. They may be related to our game, or they may be about the wider world. Please request topics that you want me to write about: otherwise, I'll just see where the spirit takes me. For today, let's have something about the dragons of Vanzenia!

The red dragons have ruled over Vanzenia for hundreds of years, although it is only within the last century that they have revealed themselves to humanity. Now they rule the city with an iron grip, and are slowly expanding their rule to more and more of the world. There are many broods of red dragons, but the 'ruling family' is Morignus, the lord of Vanzenia, and his three horrible children.

Morignus is the oldest living dragon in the world. His sire, Excidius, fought against the Prophet Yesha, and was killed by Santo Teodoro, the patron saint of Vanzenia. Morignus was only a young dragon at the time, but he escaped and swore vengeance. Morignus understood that, as mighty as dragonkind was, humanity was even stronger - when they were united. It was his plan that saw the dragons infiltrate human society, taking it over from the inside, and destroying all opposition to their rule. Morignus views the city and all of its inhabitants as his hoard. He is patient and cunning, and very cruel. His ambition is, ironically, his greatest weakness: he has systematically killed other red dragons before they could challenge his rule, including his own mate, leaving his brood weaker than it could have been otherwise.

Rubina is the oldest of Morignus' children. The great red dragon knows that he is approaching the end of his life, and has begun grooming Rubina to be his successor. Rubina is as cruel as her sire, but is far more quick-tempered, trying to prove herself worthy to be his heir. She burned down her own supposedly impregnable castle after it was raided by mercenaries. Rubina is a very active dragon, often absent from Vanzenia pursuing her own schemes.

Carnelio, meanwhile, is less driven and more hedonistic. A young dragon, born after the conquest of Vanzenia, he lacks the ambition of his father or elder sister. Carnelio enjoys terrorizing humans to satisfy his own ego and sense of superiority. Carnelio's main hobby is magic. Dragons are intensely magical beings, and Carnelio delights in using his natural powers, although he has not learned more magic beyond that.

Granata is Carnelio's young twin. She associates more with humanity than any of the other red dragons. She enjoys their society, viewing them as pets. She particularly enjoys watching their misery and desperation, and enjoys manipulating individuals to ruin their lives. Granata likes to collect art, although she has no real taste or appreciation.

Other red dragons are lords over other areas controlled by Vanzenia, and can occasionally be found in the Great City itself. Turchesa of Fiumenze is a young blue dragon living in Vanzenia, representing her family's banking concerns. In addition, there may be dragons of other colours living surreptitiously in the city as well.

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Art: 'The Red Dragon of Cadwaladr.' John Killingworth, 1490.


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