Mortal Races: Elves

After the Hostwar, many tribes of humans began to worship the fairies as if they were gods. The fairies, for their part, were highly curious about their new followers, and many romantic liaisons ensued. The result was the race of elves: humans with the mark of Fairy upon their souls. Elves appear highly attractive, if somewhat alien, with delicate, androgynous features.

Elves are the most common spiritually-touched mortal race in the cities of Tirenia, and many elves have adopted human culture. Traditionally, elves live in isolated communities, where they can be close to nature. Their culture varies massively based on the nature of the fairies that they interact with most commonly. They tend to be capricious, hedonistic and free-spirited. Their long lifespan means that they often look at the big picture, and like to take time to appreciate art, beauty and music.

Image result for italian renaissance elf art
Art: 'Flora.' Bartolomeo Veneto, c. 1515.


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