Mortal Races: Genasi

Elemental spirits are a part of the natural world, and the most common ones are aligned to air, earth, fire and water. Any natural landmark may have an accompanying spirit - river elementals being the most common - which often interact with humans living nearby. These unions can result in children being born of mixed origin. These elemental-blooded humans rarely have any distinguishing physical features, but have a natural affinity for their element. Water-blooded humans often become sailors, for example. They also often find themselves tied to the physical feature that the elemental inhabits. In times of hardship, the element will respond to them, as if they were a magician. This power is seen in folklore as being natural and deriving from the elemental spirit, not the human, and so these people are seen as very lucky. The Church often accuses them of being pagans and witches, and many elemental-blooded people have been killed by the Inquisition.

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Art: 'The Four Elementals,' from the 'Viridarium Chymicum.' Daniel Stoltz von Stoltzenberg, 1624.


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