Character Classes: Bards

Creation has power. Bards are those who, through artistic creation, can channel the primal magic that created Tellaia itself. Many 'renaissance men' are bards - skilled at a wide range of artistic and creative endeavours, which makes their magic more powerful. Bards do not need to be musicians: a sculptor, painter, or architect could also be a bard. They do not need to create while invoking their magic, although many find it helps them. Others might use a symbol of creation done at an earlier time, while for some it may not be necessary at all.

As skilled professionals, most bards are middle-classed. Some artisans belong to guilds, while others work independently for various patrons. Because they work for rich nobles, merchants, and the clergy, their art tends to be produced for them, although there are a growing number of musicians who are interested in popular music and instruments.

Art: Detail from 'Investiture of Saint Martin as a Knight.' Simone Martini, c. 1315.


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