Character Classes: Druids

Druidism is a type of magic based upon the connections between living things. Those who practice it can feel the inherent magical power that all life creates, and the flow of power in great ley-lines across the landscape. They often erect shrines in the wilderness where the lines intersect. 

Druidism relies upon a connection to the untamed world and, as such, it is harder to practice in civilised lands. It survives more strongly in rural areas, where its ancient customs pre-dates the Church itself. The Church officially denounces labels druidism as a type of paganism, although they tend to be quite lax with its adherents as long as they acknowledge the Creative One and do not pose a threat. In fact, there is an order in the church of monastic monks who worship the Divine One, but practice druidic magics. Druidism is more commonly found in more remote lands, such as Sahelio and the Tin Isles. 

One of the most famous miracles of druidism is the ability to talk to animals, and then to assume their forms. Many druids use totems and fetishes to aid them in this. In some communities, the druid will don the pelt of an animal to take its shape; other druids use animal masks to help them. The lizard-men of Sahelio call this magic becoming, and are experts at it.

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Art: 'Saint Francis Preaching to the Birds.' Giotto di Bondone, 1299.


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