Character Classes: Sorcerers

There are some who are born with the ability to use magic naturally. Often this is because of some accident around their birth. The energy that funnels along ley-lines bubbles and burns, and children born upon a confluence may have an instinctive ability to draw upon their power. If the child is born during a mighty storm, or during an eclipse, they may be able to draw upon the lightning or the shadows to aid them.

The other way in which sorcerers are created is by being descended from an inherently magical being. Most often, this occurs among dragon-born, who are often able to use some part of their progenitor's great power. For this reason, sorcerers are often adopted (sometimes forcibly) into noble families: anyone who wields such power must be descended from a dragon.

Art: "Circe Offering The Cup To Ulysses." John William Waterhouse, 1891.


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