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Carnevale - Session Seven: Into the Dwarf Gate District

In the pre-dawn twilight, the heirs of House di Benicio made their way through the Dwarf Gate district in search of the treacherous Marco. Matilde and Naso were not with them; they had gone on a different mission at the same time. The air was smoky from the local foundries, and the streets were already coming alive with dwarven workers heading to their jobs, while the first gondoliers were beginning to punt down the canals. There was a dark mood in the street, after the news of the attack on the Grande Convento last night. There was a group of eight soldiers of the Compagnia del Pennacchi Rosso in the street outside a jewelers' shop, given a wide berth by the dwarven passers-by. Most of them were lounging, watching the crowd; one was looting through the shop; one was restraining the jeweler's wife; and one was methodically beating the jeweler in the street. Blood splattered around his fists as he struck. Outraged, the group intervened. Fighting broke out in the street, and th