Daily Life: Tirenian Fashion

Even a poor Tirenian is affluent enough to be able to afford multiple different outfits, and to have their 'church best'. However, those of great wealth would wear elaborate clothes made of expensive materials as a visual sign of their success. At the most extreme, some cities have had to enact laws restricting fashion to restrict opulent displays of wealth.

Male fashion is designed to enlarge the upper body and emphasize the lower body. Men wear belted tunics or overcoats over fitted waistcoats. Detachable, often slashed sleeves are common. The hemline is above the knee, although some men wear it up to the thigh; as a result, the codpiece is a recent development. On their legs, men wear close-fitting tights or hose. Some men will wear bright colours to stand out; others prefer darker tones to give an impression of seriousness. Servants and courtiers of the dragons will often wear coloured hose to match their dragon, as a symbol of loyalty. There is also an increased interest in accessorizing. Hats are common, with a flat cap or beret is the most popular. Bags, gloves and jewelry are also popular accessories. Hair is generally worn short or shoulder-length, and curled inwards. Facial hair is uncommon.

Women, meanwhile, wear layered dresses regardless of their wealth, but the quality varies immensely based on wealth. Lower-class women wear fewer layers, with perhaps a colourful apron. Richer women wear much more elaborate clothes, relatively tight with a high waistline above the waist, and large layers of skirts below the waist. As with men, large sleeves are popular because they are an indicator of wealth (and not needing to work). The poorer classes are likely to wear wool; richer women have a wide range of fabrics and colours available to them.

Headwear for women is commonplace: only unmarried women and prostitutes go bareheaded. Lower-class women wear the same hats as men, while richer women wear veils, wimples, or elaborate hats. Unmarried women wear their hair down or partially down, while richer women wear it up in more elaborate hairstyles. Makeup is minimal: women wear light rouge, although some women like to dye their hair blonde.

File:Andrea Mantegna - The Court of Gonzaga - WGA14000.jpg
Art: 'The Court of Gonzaga.' Andrea Mantegna, c. 1470.


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