Introduction to Tirenia - Ten Key Facts

    The Eberron campaign setting begins with ten key facts that define the world, and make it easy for new players to understand what is important about the world. To help my new players, I've decided to create my own list of ten key facts.

  1. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The game is set in a continent called Tirenia. It’s a land of rich merchants, genius artists, ruthless mercenaries, and omnipresent religion. 
  2. A D&D world. Everything that exists in Dungeons and Dragons exists in Tirenia somewhere - although it may be re-flavoured to fit the world. Any D&D campaign can be modified to fit in Tirenia.
  3. Magic is rare. Most people will spend most of their lives without seeing magic or monsters. The one God is distant and unknowable. Everyone believes that magic is real, but superstition is more common than knowledge.
  4. Rich city-states. People in Tirenia in large cities. Each city-state is fabulously rich. These cities are constantly fighting – through politics, economics, culture and warfare. Everyone identifies themselves by their city and its culture, rather than their species.
  5. Dragons rule the world. The city-states are all ruled over by dragon princes. They can look like humans if they want. They are organized into different broods, which have different powers. Some are tyrannical, while some are friendly to humans. Fiumenze is ruled over by blue dragons, who are self-serving but orderly.
  6. A corrupt church. Everyone believes in La Salvatrice and her teachings about the immortality of the soul. But the Church is now in league with the dragons. They can no longer perform miracles like they once could.
  7. The Humanists are fighting back. There is an underground movement fighting the dragons called the Humanists. Recently they managed to kill a dragon, which has gotten everyone riled up.
  8. The afterlife is real. The spiritual world was divided away from the physical world, but angels, fairies and demons are real, and like to meddle in human affairs.
  9. Ruins of the past. The gold dragons of Auromia used to control most of the world. Although long gone, their ruins are everywhere – and any could contain their magical secrets or fabulous treasures.
  10. A world on the brink of change. New inventions like the printing press and discoveries like undiscovered continents. Meanwhile, the struggle between the dragon princes is coming to a head: the Tirenian Wars are imminent.
Image result for italy renaissance art map
Image: Woodcut of Florence from The Nuremberg Chronicle. Hartmann Shedel, 1493.


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