Cities of Tirenia: Auromia

Population: 30,000. During its height, Auromia had a population of well over a million, but is now all but deserted.

Geography: Auromia is situated on the Albula River. Its site is notable for the ten hills that the city is built upon: each hill used to be its own suburb. and was the site of a different gold dragon's palace.

History: Auromia was founded a long time ago, under the name of Pallantia. It was taken over by the gold dragons, who renamed it Auromia in their honour. The Auromian Empire expanded to govern most of the world. With the fall of the Auromian Empire, the city became the centre for the new Salvationist church. When the High Ordinarch moved to Aterni, the city's population dropped drastically.

Dragon: Auromia was the seat of power of the gold dragons. Its land is now controlled by the green dragons, but there are no green dragons living in Auromia.

Politics: Traditionally, a Senatore from one of the noble families whose estates surround Auromia would govern the city, with true authority in the hand of the High Ordinarch. Now that the High Ordinarch lives in Aterni, civic authority has broken down. Gangs of bandits rule the streets on the outskirts of the city, while the nobility fight amongst themselves, little better than brigands whom they often sponsor. In the city's heart, the wilderness is retaking the city with unnatural rapidity, as the ancient gods - fairies of immense power - move back into their ancient places of power.

Economics: Auromia's economy has collapsed. Commerce there is barely more advanced than a village market town.

Religion: Auromia has the ruins of hundreds of Salvatinist churches, many of which are converted from older temples to the Dragon Cult or the Classical Gods that preceded them. The majority of the remaining population pay little more than lip service to religion, however.

Law Enforcement:  There is no law enforcement in Auromia. Crime is rife throughout the city, and the strong can do what they want.

Military: Auromia has no military forces any more. Many of the bandit gangs around the city act as personal militias for the nobles in the countryside, fighting against one another.

Cultural & Social: Auromia is the site of many famous monuments from the time of the Gold Dragons. The city still receives visitors who come expecting to see the wonders of a bygone age, not realising the squalor into which the city has sunk. The city also has one important cultural institution, which was started shortly before the departure of the High Ordinarch: La Eruditia, a university founded by the Church specialising in religious studies. These days, it is definitely seen as the least of Tirenia's universities.

Esoteric: Auromia is situated at the convergence of the leylines of aether than flow around the world.  As a result, magic is more powerful here, and the barriers between worlds are particularly thin. Now that the city is abandoned, it is being reclaimed by the ancient fairies. Each dwells atop one of the city's hills, and the wilderness is regrowing rapidly in the streets around the ancient ruins. Wild animals have been seen in the streets at night, and strange music comes from the ancient temples. The Gold Dragons used this magic as well. In addition to their abandoned fortresses and temples, there are many famous and elaborate tombs outside the city walls, as well as catacombs under the city. Many of these are protected by magic that still remains today, and no one has managed to uncover their secrets.

Allies and Enemies: Auromia has no allies or enemies. Unless the High Ordinarch should choose to return, it is unimportant.

File:Giovanni Pauolo Panini - Fantasy View with the Pantheon and other Monuments of Ancient Rome - Google Art Project.jpg
Image: Fantasy View with the Pantheon and other Monuments of Ancient Rome. Giovanni Pauolo Panini, 1737.


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