Cities of Tirenia: Fiumenze

Population: 90,000.

Dragon: Fiumenze is the home of the blue dragons, led by Zaffiro 'il Magnifico.' He runs the d'Azzuro Bank, which loans money throughout the world. His 'hoard' is his collection of ledgers and journals: by lending and investing his incredible fortune, he has become phenomenally rich.

Government: Officially, Fiumenze is a republic led by the Signoria, nine guildsmen who are randomly selected every two months. In practice, everyone knows that Zaffiro controls whose names are available for selection. Zaffiro also uses a half-dozen highly capable agents such as Antonia Ficino to stay on top of current events.

Economics: Fiumenze is the wealthiest city in the world, and its signature coin, the pezzo d'oro, is trusted everywhere for its high gold content. Fiumenze's workers have formed into multiple guilds, which wield immense economic and political power. The most powerful guilds are the Arte di Calimala and the Arte della Lana, who control the city's lucrative wool trade. In addition, the loans provided by the Banca d'Azzuro, which has its headquarters in Fiumenze, are the grease that keeps the city working.

Religion: Fiumenze's grand cathedral, the Basilica di San Zanobio, is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. It has been enriched over the years by the generous patronage of Zaffiro il Magnifico and the guilds. Its most famous feature is the massive dome, creation of the genius polymath Michele di Lodovico, which is nearing completion. Ordinarch Cosimo Pierozzi views the opulence of the Church as a sign of the Divine One's importance. Despite its size, only the most powerful and influential go to church at the Basilica; there are many other churches throughout the city for the populace, and each guild maintains its own church. Fiumenze has a strong puritanical element, led by firebrand preacher Niccolo Salvatore. Recently, Salvatore obtained the skull of the red dragon Rubina, who was killed by the Company of the Wolf: he has started preaching against the corruption of the church and the power of the dragons.

Law Enforcement: Each guild enforces its own 'guild law,' and hires thugs to protect its interests. The sbirri are ex-mercenaries who serve as a city watch, and report to the Signoria, who act as the judiciary. However, the sbirri are generally understaffed, over-worked: this keeps them from being powerful enough to challenge any of the guilds, but also means that there is little legal protection for non-guild members.

Military: Like most cities in Tirenia, Fiumenze employs mercenaries rather than maintaining its own army. Currently, the city has contracted Signore Giovanni di Bosco and his Compagnia dei Falchi Bianchi (Company of the White Hawks): their duties are defensive in nature.

Cultural & Social: Fiumenzian guildsmen organise themselves into charitable and social groups called confraternaties, which are responsible for doing good deeds in the community. The guilds, confraternities, and merchants also invest in art to showcase their wealth. The most famous artists are Michele di Lodovico, who is currently finishing the Basilica; Bartolomeo di Baccio, his great rival; and Giovanni di Mariano, whose art is torn between sensual secularism and hard-line Salvationism.

Esoteric: As a patron of the arts and culture, Zaffiro 'il Magnifico' is also the patron of a small group of artists, wizards, philosophers and intellectuals. Foremost amongst them is the famous and controversial Conte Galeotto d'Armonia, whose mysticism has earned the ire of the Church. Fiumenze does not have any significant connection to the fairies.

Allies and Enemies: Fiumenze is a leading member of the Tirenian League, an economic and mutual defense alliance of northern cities. Their major ally is Medilano and its silver dragons. The military expansion of Staglia and more recently Vanzenia is of great concern to the League, but Fiumenze itself has no enemies at this time.

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Image: The Hanging and Burning of Girolamo Savonarola in Piazza della Signoria in Florence in 1498. Anonymous, c. 1650.


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