The History of Tirenia

There have been many different calendars in Tellaia, but the most influential have always been Tirenian. The Auromian Empire had two different ways of counting years: they would refer to 'Anno Auri' (Golden Years), to refer to years since the ascension of the first Gold Dragon Emperor, but more commonly they would refer to events by the reigning emperor of the time: 'in the fifth-second year of the reign of Emperor Aurelius Draco Sahelianus', for example. After the fall of the Auromian Empire, the Church started counting from the death and resurrection of La Salvatrice, and so the calendar 'Anno Salvatricis' and 'Ante Anno Salvatricis' (A.S. and A.A.S.) became widespread.

This timeline is a work in progress!

1229 A.A.S.  The Auromian Empire begins when gold dragons liberate the city of Pallantia from the fairy 'gods' who rule it. They become its new rulers, and the city is renamed 'Auromia' in honour of Aurelian Draco, who becomes the first Emperor.
397 A.A.S.  Ercolia, near Kymopolis, is destroyed in a volcanic eruption. The Emperor's uncle Aurelius Draco Victor Incantator Divus is amongst the dead, and his body is never recovered.
171 A.A.S.  The final Gold Dragon Emperor ascends the throne.
152 A.A.S.  The Emperor begins constructing a vast network of monoliths to channel all the world's magic. This construction is extremely expensive, and the Emperor neglects the wellbeing of the empire.
1 A.S.  Yesha returns the sanity of the last Gold Dragon Emperor, who surrenders the Empire to her before dying. Yesha dies and is reborn leading an angelic host to save Tirenia from its enemies. However, much of Tirenia is still ruled by dragons, and is gradually reclaimed for humanity. The Church of Salvation is born.
19 A.S. Excidius, the great red dragon, is slain by San Teodoro at Vanzenia. This marks the end of the liberation of Tirenia (although Staglia remained under the control of the bronze dragons.)
94 A.S.  The final version of the Storia, the revelations of La Salvatrice Yesha, is compiled.
167 A.S.  Desparing of the gold dragons' return, bronze dragons of Auromia's military declare Staglia a successor state to Auromia in its own right.
324 A.S. Carlo d'Orso succeeds in uniting most of northern Tirenia.
338 A.S. Death of Carlo d'Orso. His empire falls apart after his death; from then on, the city-state becomes the chief political structure in Tirenia.
c. 500 A.S.  Led by Morignus the Red, dragons begin their slow infiltration and takeover of Tirenia.
726 A.S.  The High Ordinarch calls for a holy war against Crescentia.
803 A.S.  The last gold dragon emperor finishes his conquest of far-distant Tataria and Cataia.
815 A.S.  The Holy Wars against Crescentia finally end in crushing defeat. The authority of the Church diminishes.
833 A.S. The High Ordinarch moves from Auromia to Aterni, amidst claims of bribery and corruption. The decline of Auromia begins.
913 A.S.  Across Tirenia, the dragons that have taken control of its cities begin to reveal themselves.
940 A.S. The bronze dragons conquer Trion from its white dragon overlord, the start of the Bronze Empire.
972 A.S.  The Great Death plague strikes Vanzenia, and rapidly spreads throughout Tirenia. Casualties are horrific, and the Church loses even more prestige when their healing miracles fail to quell its spread.
987 A.S.  Copper dragons take control of Monte Mamiliano, turning it into their private retreat.
991 A.S.  The Great Death has largely run its course, with approximately half of Tirenia's population dead. Further outbreaks occur but are more localised.
1001 A.S. Guglielmo Dire, a gnome of Zigura, kills the great white dragon Quarza. The gnomes conspire to keep their freedom secret, to stop other dragons from seeking reprisal.
1015 A.S.  The bronze dragons of Staglia turn their attention to the Salassi Valley in the north-western mountains, but are thwarted. The red dragon Rubina unlocks the secrets of the ancient monolith network, but is killed in battle with the Company of the Wolf. An envoy from Cataia surveys Tirenia as a prelude to invasion.
1016 A.S.  A rare lunar convergence leads to a surge of magic throughout the world. A revolution in red Vanzenia leads to the death of Morignus. His daughter Gianetta assumes control of the city and begins to expand the city's mainland holdings. Padavia is soon annexed, and silver Medilano now faces enemies on all sides. The Tirenian League meets in Fiumenze to decide how to respond. A strange forest springs up in the ruins of Auromia.

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Image: 'Madonna of the Rosary.' Lorenzo Lotto, 1539.


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