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Moodboards for The Ruins of Auromia

The latest Dragon Princes game has just started, and it's 'The Ruins of Auromia!' The players are mercenaries who are going to explore the ancient and nearly abandoned city of Auromia, and get caught up in supernatural shenanigans when they investigate the mystical forest that's sprung up there.  I'm hoping to write up the first session report soon, but in the meantime, one of my players has created two moodboards for the game: one for their character, and one for the game itself. Moodboard for Noke, the urban druid Moodboard for The Ruins of Auromia

Cities of Tirenia: Kymaiopoli

Population:  300,000. Kymaiopoli is the largest city in Tirenia. Dragon:  Southern Tirenia is unofficially ruled by the Benevoli, a crime syndicate led by the black dragons. The black dragon Nero controls the Benevoli in Kymaiopoli. Politics: The ruler of Kymaiopoli is the Prince of Trinacria. While the Prince claims dominion over all of southern Tirenia and the island of Trinacria, in practice his influence does not extend far beyond the borders of his city. For this reason, he is often informally styled the Prince of Kymaiopoli. Prince Ferrante di Kymaopoli lives in incredible luxury, isolated from the actual running of the city. Economics: Southern Tirenia's farmlands are less productive than those of northern Tirenia, and so Kymaiopoli is the sole focus of south's agriculture. It is also a major port city, with significant trade with Sahelia. Religion:  Kymaiopoli has always been a centre of Tirenian religion. The city still has some ancient shrines to the classical