Cities of Tirenia: Kymaiopoli

Population: 300,000. Kymaiopoli is the largest city in Tirenia.

Dragon: Southern Tirenia is unofficially ruled by the Benevoli, a crime syndicate led by the black dragons. The black dragon Nero controls the Benevoli in Kymaiopoli.

Politics: The ruler of Kymaiopoli is the Prince of Trinacria. While the Prince claims dominion over all of southern Tirenia and the island of Trinacria, in practice his influence does not extend far beyond the borders of his city. For this reason, he is often informally styled the Prince of Kymaiopoli. Prince Ferrante di Kymaopoli lives in incredible luxury, isolated from the actual running of the city.

Economics: Southern Tirenia's farmlands are less productive than those of northern Tirenia, and so Kymaiopoli is the sole focus of south's agriculture. It is also a major port city, with significant trade with Sahelia.

Religion: Kymaiopoli has always been a centre of Tirenian religion. The city still has some ancient shrines to the classical gods, but it is now firmly devoted to Salvationism. There are hundreds of churches in the city. There is an annual festival in honour of the local saint, Sant'Aria, which is famous for its frequent miracles.

Law Enforcement: The Podesta of Kymaiopoli is responsible for law enforcement throughout the city. Leander Vanzenese is the current podesta; he hails, as is name indicates, from Vanzenia.

Military: Like the other major cities of Tirenia, Kymaiopoli depends upon mercenaries for its armies. The Princes of Trinacria are descended from condottieri, but Prince Ferrante no longer leads troops personally as his grandfather did.

Cultural & Social: Kymaiopoli is the largest of the Ercolian cities in southern Tirenia. Its culture is a fusion of the north and the south. The city is renowned for its Academia, which hones the body and the mind of its pupils.

Esoteric: The Sibiliants, an ancient sorority of snakefolk healers and mystics, lives a short distance west of Kymaiopoli. The famous ancient wizard Parthenio Magus was believed to have spent some time here as well, and there are many sites that are believed to be connected to him.

Allies and Enemies: Kymaiopoli is a member of the Tirenian League, although its distance from the other key members means that it is less committed to the League's goals.

Image: La Tavola Strozzi. Francesca Rosselli, c. 1472.


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