The Marble Quarries of Camarma

In north-western Tirena, about half way between Fiumenze and Staglia, the White Mountains run near to the coastline. This area is Valluna, the Valley of the Moon. It has been inhabited for a very long time by an animistic people who worshipped the ebb and flow of natural energies with the waxing and waning of the moon. The Auromian Empire built the city of Camarma, as well as many fortifications to pacify Valluna and the surrounding areas. However, much of historic Camarma was destroyed by orcs during the fall of the Empire. The town was rebuilt further inland, using marble scavenged from the old ruins. Since then, its location means it has been contested between the bronze dragons of Staglia, the blue dragons of Fiumenze and the silver dragons of Medilano. It is currently under the control of the Malafulmina family, a lesser branch of blue dragons, who have built a new palace here.

This area is the only place in northern Tirenia where marble can be mined. There are hundreds of different quarry sites in the mountains around Camarma, some abandoned and some still being excavated. Marble from Camarma is then shipped across the continent, where it is prized by artists and architects. Almost all the marble in old Auromia came from the quarries of Camarma. The work is extremely difficult and dangerous, and the foremen will employ anyone who is strong enough to work, no questions asked. This is why there are a lot of ex-criminals and people on the run who are working the quarries. This is also why there is so much unrest amongst the workers, who know that others are profiting from their labour while they suffer daily to cut and haul huge marble blocks.

Image: 'Quarry.' Albrecht Durer, 1498


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