New Dragons!

(This one's out of character, to record my new thoughts.)

I'd always known that dragons represented sins, which a medieval viewpoint. I always knew that the church literally prohibited dragons, but that the current leaders say the passages are meant to be taken metaphorically. 

But there are seven sins and only five dragons!

As a result, Tirenia welcomes its new draconic overlords! Two more good and two more evil dragons, from some of the supplementary material not yet converted to 5th Edition, are joining the ten established dragon broods. The evil Brown Dragons live in Felsina (Bologna) - they promote the greatest university in Tirenia, and are famous gourmands. The good Mercury Dragons are in Trion (Turin), where they serve the bronze dragons and are great alchemists. The evil Grey Dragons fought as condottieri, before becoming lords of Pirusi (Rimini); so did the good Iron Dragons in Matauro (Urbino), and they are now deadly rivals.

That's 150 posts achieved before the end of the year, and one more for good measure! Posting on this blog has been a fantastic way to flesh out the setting. I feel like I'm getting to the point where I need to turn all these thoughts into a cohesive whole...

Image result for dragon renaissance art
Image: 'Studies of a Dragon.' Anonymous, c. 1580.


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