Recommended Reading: The Anger of Angels

Sherryl Jordan is one of New Zealand's greatest writers of young adult fiction, and I loved her books as a child. Recently I discovered that she'd written a new book and that it was set in a magical-realism version of Renaissance Italy!

Giovanna's father performs a play that angers the tyrannical Prince Savernola of Goretti. With innocent lives hanging in the balance, she travels to Goretti in an attempt to appease the prince and becomes caught up in the intrigue there. Giovanna struggles with issues of free speech and the power of words.

This is the most perfect Dragon Princes novel I've read. Giovanna and her love interest Raffaele are both wonderful player characters, with interesting personalities, skills, and relationships. The story poses moral questions without providing easy solutions, and the characters must navigate a morally grey world while trying to remain true to themselves and each other.  There is magic, but there is also a deep grounding in historical detail and realism. Best of all, Sherryl Jordan uses the story to comment on the world today. Highly recommended!

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Image: 'The Anger of Angels.'  Sherryl Jordan, 2019.


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