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Street Rat III

My wife has released the third chapter of her Dragon Princes bitsy game. This was my favourite chapter yet! But be warned - the theme for this month's jam was 'isolation'...

New Druid subclass: Circle of the Cobblestones

My first subclass! Is it balanced? Is it overpowered? Is it underpowered? I have no idea! But this is an archetype that's shown up time and time again in Dragon Princes games - the scrappy urbanite with instinctive druidic powers. Playtesting will be required to see if this is any good. Tirenia is heavily urbanised. Except in the most remote hinterlands, nature has been domesticated. This can be a problem for druids: while there are more traditional druids in distant lands, a forest in Tirenia is probably a noble's hunting reserve rather than an untamed wilderness. However, there are still druids. Often from lower classes, growing up on the streets of cities such as Fiumenze or Auromia, they draw their powers from urban flora and fauna: from the rats and pigeons that scurry for crumbs, to the weeds that break through the gaps in the cobblestones. Circle Spells Your connection to the natural forces that flows through the city streets grants you great power. The Find Familia