Cities of Tirenia: Larisa

By the mouth of the Sporca River in Tarchania, about ninety miles due south of Fiumenze, sits the abandoned city of Larisa. The settlement there dates to before the War of the Host, but its indigenous population was displaced by the coming of the Tarchanians. Under the Auromian Empire, Larisa was the only major port west of Auromia itself, and it grew prosperous from sea-trade. Emperor Clarissimus chose Larisa as the centre of the magical network he was building to channel the aetheric currents of the world. He constructed a great tower as the focus of the network, but his plan was never completed. The partially constructed tower did, however, succeed at partially redirecting the flow of magical energy artificially. The land began to distort under the pressure. The sea recoiled from the land, and suddenly Larisa was no longer a port. The ground buckled and heaved, leaving the buildings irregular, and the Emperor’s tower leaning on an unnatural angle. In the face of such strangeness, the people of Larisa abandoned their city. Trade shifted north, to the new port at Staglia. Sailors passing along the coast make the sign of the flame when they see the unnatural ruins, and even scavengers avoid the city, a physical record of one dragon’s madness.

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