Campaign Summaries

I've run several different games set in Tirenia, with plans for many more. This is where you can find the summaries of the different campaigns!

The Brotherhood of the Wolf
Tirenia was first created for a public campaign at a local game store. This campaign happened before this blog existed, so the campaign report is much less detailed!

The second campaign was to teach actors at the local theatre how to play Dungeons and Dragons. Originally intended to be only a short game for a few people, it turned into a rather massive story!

Session One: Escape from Ca' Benicio, Part 1
Session Two: Escape from Ca' Benicio, Part 2
Session Three: Into The Dragon's Den
Session Four: The Resurrectionist
Session Five: The Plague Island
Session Six: Secret Carnevale
Interlude: Farewell to Paolo
Session Seven: Into the Dwarf Gate District
Session Eight: The Printing Press
Session Nine: The Conspiracy Unmasked
Session Ten: The Revolution
Session Eleven: The Silver Road
Session Twelve: The End

Fiumenze Nights
This was intended to be a loose campaign of short one-off adventures, introducing D&D to my workmates. Real life interfered, as it loves to do.

Session One: Death of an Artist
Session Two: The Last Masterpiece


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