Non-Player Characters

Ahbor bat-Hadassah
Dwarf Rabbina
Chief priestess of the Dwarf Gate Synagogue.

Aksil of Sahelia (dead)
Cat-man condottiere
Leader of a small mercenary company in Vanzenia. Hired by Silvia Franco to help fight at Isola della Mortanera. Died fighting the Conspiracy.

Angela (dead)
Eccentric hermit
Religious hermit who lives near Vanzenia, who has returned to help advise Fra Lucio. She helped at Isola della Mortanera, where she was prematurely aged, and died shortly thereafter.

Angelo il Turchino (dead)
Wizardly nemesis
This wizard, who specialises in water-magic, is part of a conspiracy, along with Gustavo di Benicio and other unknown members. He was responsible for the attack on Ca'Benicio, to try and keep Gustavo from talking about the conspiracy, but was forced to flee his own house when Gustavo's children counter-attacked. Forced to fight the de Benicios single-handedly by his fellow conspirators, and was killed by them.

Antonio Rossi
Paladin bodyguard
A dockworker who was saved from Morignus' fury by Santa Maria. He was murdered a few days later, but resurrected by Santa Maria. He now serves as her bodyguard. Aged thirty years during the battle at Isola della Mortanera, but slew the plague dragon. After the battle, he went on a secret mission to retrieve the holy dragon-slaying lance Ascalon for Santa Maria.

Red dragon playboy
Carnelio is the youngest of the red dragons who rules Vanzenia. He is a hedonistic playboy who hypnotizes women at Carnevale to be his playthings and then dinner. Secretly, he is part of a conspiracy, which has been using aboleth slime to poison his sire Morignus and drive him insane. Has gone missing.

Dwarf Innkeeper
An innkeeper in the Dwarf Gate district, he knows a lot about what is going on his community.

Elena (1)
Sahelian shaman
A Sahelian woman living in the Three Cities, she became the lover of Greta, and taught her druidic skills. She urged Greta not to return to Tirrenia; when Greta did leave, their relationship came to an end.

Elena (2)
Madre Elena, a sea hag, lives in Vanzenia, where she provides actual magical help in exchange for live food, and occasionally makes a pact with those foolish enough to ask for one. Matilde consulted with her, but turned down her offer of a valuable artifact in exchange for a part of her soul.

Sibilant astrologer
She is visiting Vanzenia because the stars are warning of impending peril. Matilde sent her to Professore Orlando at Padovia. Together, they were able to warn Matilde of Heinrich's return.

Half-elven courtesan
Evelina's elven blood makes her a popular cortigiana in Vanzenia. After Fausta's death, Evelina became the mistress of Signore Gustavo di Benicio, and bore him a child, Vivianna. After Vivianna's disappearance, Evelina vanished shortly thereafter.

Fausta di Benicio (Dead)
Signora of House Benicio
Fausta was the wife of Gustavo, and the mother of Matilde, Edorado, Chiara and Deltorro. Fausta died in childbirth many years ago after having an affair; Adrianna was her illegitimate child. Gustavo implied that he had done something that had driven a rift between them before he died.

Felicitas Ana di Benicio
Not the Chosen One
This orphaned child, of unknown ancestry, was kidnapped by Heinrich, who was wrongly convinced she was at the centre of the events in Vanzenia. She was rescued and adopted by Matilde.

Francesca di Prava
Signora of House Prava
A young socialite aristocrat. She was rescued from Carnelio by House Benicio. She is currently hosting secret Carnevale parties.

Red dragon schemer
Middle child of Morignus, Gianetta has offered to ally herself with the Humanists to overthrow Morignus, before he can destroy her in his paranoia. She wants to be the new ruler of Vanzenia. Has gone missing.

Giovanna Buoncastello
Gnomish goldsmith
Giovanna created the first printing press. When trying to secure patronage from Niccolo Defusah, she came into contact with the di Benicio children, who gave her access to their remaining funds in exchange for printing large amounts of revolutionary pamphlets.

House Benicio gnome cook
Where most gnomes are obsessed with information, Giulio is obsessed with flavours. He was the cook at Ca'Benicio, assisted by his daughter Sofia. During the attack on Ca'Benicio, Giulio was trapped under collapsing shelves. He almost drowned, but Chiara and Greta were able to rescue him. Giulio is now helping in Paolo's orphanage.

Giuseppe (Dead)
House Benicio human gatekeeper
Old Giuseppe was the gatekeeper at Ca'Benicio, and also did odd jobs around the house as needed. He was married to Maria. Unfortunately, he was the first to meet the tritone assassins during their attack on the house, and they murdered him.

Gustavo di Benicio (Dead)
Signore of House Benicio
The lord of House Benicio was an old and sick man. He summoned his children to his deathbed to confess his sins, but died during the attack on Ca'Benicio. His last word was, "Delila."

Human scholar and wizard
Heinrich was a student at the Universita di Bodova with Matilde. The two studied magic together, and became lovers, before Heinrich read doom in Matilde's horoscope and left to find a way to thwart it. Instead, he became possessed by the ghost of a dead archmage. He came to Vanzenia to try and avert fate by possessing the child that he was convinced was at the heart of it. With Matilde's help, he was able to realise that his predictions were wrong, and to cast out the ghost inside him, though at great personal cost.

Fairy Queen of Darkness
Ilaria is the fairy who abducted and raised Via.  Her motives remain a mystery.

Dwarf smuggler
A small-time criminal, working in the Dwarf Gate district. He was going to smuggle Marco out of the city. Fond of honey wine.

'Kealo' Kealohilani
Turtle-woman divine champion
This wandering warrior took part in the battle at Isola della Mortanera, and was instrumental in defeating the avatar of the Great Death there. She has since resumed her wanderings.

Lorenzo Brandi (Dead)
Condottiere commander of the Pennacchi Rosso (Red Plumes). Used as Morignus' private army against his own city, they crossed a line when they attacked the Grande Convente. Killed during the revolution.

Luca (Dead)
Fra Luca was a clergyman and the chief inquisitor in Vanzenia. He was killed at the Isola della Mortanera. Without his leadership, the local inquisition is no longer a force to be reckoned with.

Leader of the clergy in Vanzenia
Fra Lucio has been corresponding with Deltorro about the Plague. He likes to indulge in the finer things in life, but his heart is fundamentally in the right place. Following the arrest of the majority of the clergy in Vanzenia, Lucio is now the de-facto leader of the faith. He has acknowledged Maria as a living saint, and thrown his support behind her.

Luigi Blanco
Water-souled magical apprentice
Luigi was the apprentice of Angelo il Turchino. When captured by the di Benicios, he sold out his master in exchange for becoming Matilde's apprentice instead.

Marco (Dead)
House Benicio dwarf majordomo
Serious and sensible, Marco was the personal servant of Signore Gustavo di Benicio, as well as head of the household. He betrayed the family to Angelo il Turchino, helping arrange the tritone attack. He took shelter at the Dwarf Gate Synagogue, but was murdered by Angelo's agents there.

Maria (1)
House Benicio human maidservant
Old and overweight, Maria was the wife of Giuseppe. She served House Benicio by acting as Chiara's maidservant, as well as the housekeeper. Maria escaped the destruction of Ca'Benicio, and has agreed to continue serving as Chiara's maid.

Maria (2)
Young saint
A twelve-year old girl who has divine power. She saved a number of people from Morignus' fury, and resurrected Antonio Rossi. Silvia Franco is keeping her somewhere safe and secure. After cleansing Isola della Mortanera of its curse, she is recognized as a living saint by the church, and opposition to Morignus has rallied behind her.

Red dragon patriarch
The oldest and most powerful dragon in the world. He masterminded the draconic takeover of humanity, and now rules Vanzenia. He destroyed part of the city in a rage after learning of the death of his daughter, and is now insane and paranoid after being poisoned with aboleth slime by his son Carnelio.

House Benicio family dog
The family's old hunting dog: now he hunts more for scraps and a warm place to sleep. During the attack on Ca'Benicio, Naso helped to rescue Sofia from the sinking house, and fought off the assassins. He has continued to be a very good boy since then, rescuing a baby from Heinrich and even destroying a demon!

Niccolo Defusah
Renowned explorer
Travelled to Serica, Tataria and even stranger places, and then wrote a book about it. Many people believe he made it up. Has started a relationship with Matilde di Benicio. Niccolo has decided to invest heavily in printing technology, seeing it as the future.

Orlando Mestriniano
Padovian Professore
Matilde and Heinrich learned magic at the Universite from Orlando. After meeting with Essmerelda, he was able to warn her about Heinrich's return.

Ornella Donati
Human fighter
Chief bodyguard of Silvia Franco. She fought in the battle at Isola della Mortanera.

Orso d'Anafesto
Human patriarch
The leader of the d'Anafesto family had been negotiating marrying his daughter Reitia to Angelo il Turchino - but only so he could get his hands on Angelo's drinks cabinet.

Human criminal leader
Paolo is the leader of a small group of thieves in Vanzenia. He uses the proceeds to look after the homeless. Paolo took in Adrianna and taught her everything she knows. He is also part of the Humanist movement, and is slowly working to undermine the rule of the red dragons in Vanzenia. Paolo has agreed to take in the children of House Benicio, in exchange for their help against the red dragons. However, he withdrew this protection suddenly when he learned that the red dragon Gianetta had become involved, and went underground.

Percy is a pigeon. He is not very bright.

Rubina (Dead)
Red dragon heiress
Rubina is the oldest daughter of Morignus and the heir to Vanzenia. She is arrogant, vicious, and wants to prove Vanzenia's superiority over the rest of Tirenia. She was killed fighting condottieri, and her skull is being taken around to show that dragons can be killed.

Silvia Franco
Half-Elf cortigiana
A rich and powerful cortigiana who is sheltering Maria and aiding her, for the sake of her soul.

House Benicio gnome serving girl
Sofia is the daughter of Giulio, the cook. She helped as a scullery maid and serving girl, as well as helping in any other way that was needed. During the attack on Ca'Benicio, Sofia saw Giuseppe, the gatekeeper, killed by the assassins. She hid in a closet, until she was rescued by Naso and the others. She is now helping in Paolo's orphanage.

Valentina Bianchi (Dead)
Ghost servant
Valentina Bianchi is a ghost servant in a townhouse owned by Carnelio the red dragon. She swore to serve the master of the house even after her death, thinking that she meant the family, but her oath has forced her to serve the master of the building instead. As a result, she is forced to serve a dragon, even though she despises him.

Goliath gondoliera
This giant-blooded gondoliera is sympathetic to Paolo, and offers him her services when he needs people moved around the city. She helped rescue Carnelio's latest captives.


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