Angelo il Turchino
You now know that the water wizard Angelo il Turchino was responsible for the attack on your house, though you don't know why.

Help the Humanists
Morignus is acting more and more erratic, paranoid and tyrannical. He's arrested most of the clergy of Vanzenia and imprisoned them in the Bridge of Sighs. Can you free them?

Revenge for the Convent
Morignus' mercenaries attacked the Grand Convent on a flimsy pretext. Can you get revenge?

The Revolution Has Begun
People can only be pushed so far. The people of Vanzenia are ready for a revolution. Will you lead them?

The Enemy Of My Enemy
Gianetta, the red dragon, wants to form an alliance with the Humanists against her father. She seems desperate, and makes some good points, but can you ever really trust a red dragon?

New Patron
Paolo has withdrawn his support, meaning that you currently have nowhere to stay. Can you find a new patron?

Restore House di Benicio
House Benicio has been poorer and poorer for generations now. Now its ancestral estate is at the bottom of the lagoon. Can you restore its riches and turn its fortunes around?

Gustavo's final word was 'Delila'. Who or what is Delila? Who is Silvia Franco, and what is her connection to Santa Maria? Where is Via's mother?


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