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Carnevale - Session Six: Secret Carnevale

After the battle at the Isola della Mortanera, the di Benicio siblings waited for Silvia Franco's agents to discover the location of their treacherous servant Marco for them. In the meantime, they had been invited to a seret Carnevale party by Signora Francesca di Prava in thanks for their rescue of her from the red dragon Carnelio. All public Carnevale celebrations had been cancelled due to the curfews, but the people of Vanzenia continued to celebrate in secret. Late at night, the siblings took a gondola to the di Prava mansion. They wore heavy black cloaks and hats to keep out the chill and to hide their party clothes, and the gondolier paddled slowly and carried a hooded lantern to avoid being seen. They disembarked at the di Prava house. Its windows were covered up with dark curtains, and no noise slipped out to the canals. The group was met inside by servants who took their cloaks and ushered them into the heart of the house. There, a truly raucous party was taking pl