Character Creation

The most useful article on the site: a list of Italian names.

Fifth Edition's rules for Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws should be one of its greatest strengths, but too often I've seen them overlooked and under-utilised. A house rule I'd often use in Dragon Princes games is to allow players to use story points to create details about the world and the adventure. For example, in the very first Tirenia adventure, the players had to infiltrate a heavily defended fortress. One player used inspiration to declare that his bardic mentor had performed there recently, and the players were able to track him down to get information. They then spent another point of inspiration to 'discover' a secret network of caves under the keep, and were able to tunnel into the cellar. This made using personality rules much more desirable in the game! Another important thing that personality rules can do is tie a player more firmly to a setting. Here are some optional rules that might do just that. Basing ideals and flaws on the Seven Virtues and the Seven Sins. Having a bond with an entire family rather than a single person, place or object.


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