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Street Rat IX

 Street Rat is starting to move towards its conclusion! Only three chapters to go...

Street Rat VIII

 Act Two of Street Rat comes to a close with the thematic prompt, "Ghost Ship"! You can play it here:

The Ruins of Auromia, Session Six: Bath House Battle

Pressing deeper into the overgrown city, the group soon discovered an ancient mercantile district by the foot of a hill. There was a cave in the side of the hill, with a dim light coming from within. Outside, a statue of a noble woman stood. It was covered with moss and vines, giving her a living green dress and a crown of ivy leaves. The group entered the tunnel. It stretched deep inside, further than the size of the hill would suggest possible. Flowers grew from all the walls and the floor of the tunnel, and Sorrel plucked some and made a floral crown for herself. At the end of the tunnel, a young woman wearing a floral crown like Sorrel's and an ancient tunic sat in front of a fire, singing to herself. The fire cast shadows over her face and over the wall. She greeted the explorers without seeming to recognise them: it was Pia, who had been taken by the city what seemed like an age before. Pia gave them all an ancient wooden goblet of dark red wine to drink from before they coul