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The Siege of Medilano

 The Siege of Medilano was a giant experimental campaign that I ran at Armageddon Expo last year. It was about the battle between the bronze and silver dragons. Players could sign up for one side and earn points, and play in daily 1-1.5 hour games, with a different story per faction per day. The results of the choices made by the players each day, and the points scored per day, influenced the day-by-day outcome, and the ultimate course of the war. It was a very cool game, but a lot  of work - ultimately, there was no way for one Dungeon Master to reach the amount of people I'd need to in order to make it a success. Because multiple groups ran each scenario each day and made different decisions and named their own characters, it's impossible for me to give a really definitive 'this is exactly what happened' account. As a result, this is a little vaguer on the specifics than a lot of the session reports. Here goes! The great and fair silver dragon city of Medilano was sur

The Ruins of Auromia, Sessions Nine and Ten: Everyone Dies and Jailbreak

 I am behind on the times! We've had two more sessions of The Ruins of Auromia  since my last post. (I'd hoped for more, but scheduling got difficult over Christmas and we had more lockdowns with which to contend.) As a result, the summary of these ones is going to be a bit briefer... Forza had drawn the sword of the faerie 'goddess of war' Bellona and become fully possessed. They now turned on their former companions. Ilaria tried to buy the group's freedom by offering her cat to Bellona as a new host. For unknown reasons, this enraged Bellona beyond measure, and she slew Ilaria, before turning on the others. She summoned her vulture-headed griffin, which Noke slew at the cost of his own life. Sorrel tried to channel the power of her floral crown to summon Tellaia to fight for her, but the nature 'goddess' did not want to challenge Bellona at this time. In desperation, Sorrel drank the vial of liquid moss she had found, but rather than helping, it wound up

Street Rat

 It's been a while since I posted here!  Time to do wrap-ups of a few Tirenian odds and ends.  Street Rat is completed! All twelve chapters are now done, forming the complete story of Ratto and Piccino. The final chapter has multiple branching endings, so that players can contact us and let us know what happened. As is our custom, this will affect what happens in our ongoing games set in Tirenia. You can find all twelve chapters at