The Ruins of Auromia, Sessions Nine and Ten: Everyone Dies and Jailbreak

 I am behind on the times! We've had two more sessions of The Ruins of Auromia since my last post. (I'd hoped for more, but scheduling got difficult over Christmas and we had more lockdowns with which to contend.) As a result, the summary of these ones is going to be a bit briefer...

Forza had drawn the sword of the faerie 'goddess of war' Bellona and become fully possessed. They now turned on their former companions. Ilaria tried to buy the group's freedom by offering her cat to Bellona as a new host. For unknown reasons, this enraged Bellona beyond measure, and she slew Ilaria, before turning on the others. She summoned her vulture-headed griffin, which Noke slew at the cost of his own life. Sorrel tried to channel the power of her floral crown to summon Tellaia to fight for her, but the nature 'goddess' did not want to challenge Bellona at this time. In desperation, Sorrel drank the vial of liquid moss she had found, but rather than helping, it wound up dissolving her into a stinking mossy pool. Accluso used his bow and arrows to try and take down Bellona, but she caught him with inhuman haste and struck him down as well. Seeing her companions fleeing, Dova fled, her feline agility helping her quickly escape. 

For the next two weeks, Dova wandered the streets, until she was found by the waspy soldiers of Urbina and imprisoned in with an eclectic group of 'undesirables.' She also began to be haunted by visions sent by the ghosts of her dead companions, which told her to travel underground and to find certain items: an apotropaic phallic amulet, a toga, a mask and a laurel crown. Dova and the other prisoners staged a jail break, and managed by the skin of their teeth to escape into the sewers. Most of the prisoners went their own way; Fomo, a satyr reveler who despised the fairy 'gods', decided to accompany her as she went in search of the meaning of her dreams.

Meanwhile, Bellona attacked the assembled forces of Urbina and overthrew her. She then took Urbina's scepter, the phylactery that contained her soul, so that she could leech the power from it and add it to her own, just as the gold dragons had done so many centuries ago.

Image: 'Bellona in Armour.' Rembrandt van Rijn, c. 1633.


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