The Siege of Medilano

 The Siege of Medilano was a giant experimental campaign that I ran at Armageddon Expo last year. It was about the battle between the bronze and silver dragons. Players could sign up for one side and earn points, and play in daily 1-1.5 hour games, with a different story per faction per day. The results of the choices made by the players each day, and the points scored per day, influenced the day-by-day outcome, and the ultimate course of the war. It was a very cool game, but a lot of work - ultimately, there was no way for one Dungeon Master to reach the amount of people I'd need to in order to make it a success.

Because multiple groups ran each scenario each day and made different decisions and named their own characters, it's impossible for me to give a really definitive 'this is exactly what happened' account. As a result, this is a little vaguer on the specifics than a lot of the session reports. Here goes!

The great and fair silver dragon city of Medilano was surrounded by enemies on all sides. To the south, the militaristic bronze dragons who sought to unite all Tirenia; to the west, the spiteful white dragons who had been expelled many years ago from Medilano by the silvers; to the north, the imperialist red dragons who wanted to enrich themselves. Medilano was kept safe only by three things: the bravery of its Argent Knights; its network of alliances with the city-states of the Tirenian League; and the reluctance of its enemies to be the first to make a move.

When a patrol from Medilano went missing, a group of Knights and dragons went to investigate. They found entire villages of missing people. They had become an army of Unhallowed, walking corpses possessed by demonic spirits. Any one slain by one of the Unhallowed becomes like them, so this was a threat of catastrophic proportions. The silver dragons proposed a truce with the bronze dragons to defeat the Unhallowed. 

However, after the fighting, the arrogance of the silver dragons and the opportunism of the bronze dragons led to fighting. The silver force was routed and fled back inside the city, and the bronze moved up to besiege it. The bronze dragons managed to infiltrate Medilano, but due to the heroics of the defenders, their attempt to open one of the gates from within was thwarted, and their siege engines were destroyed when the defenders sallied forth against them. 

The siege began to drag on. The silver dragons discovered dissenters inside the city, humanists who were agitating for greater political representation, and quashed them. Meanwhile, the bronze dragons were able to make a deal with the goblins of Medilano, who showed them secret ways into the city. Using the goblin tunnels, the bronze dragons were able to capture the city, and the silver dragons fell back into the palace of the Principessa. 

With the city lost, representatives of the silver and bronze dragons met to discuss terms of surrender. The silver dragons' last hope was for reinforcements from their allies to arrive. A new army made its way on to the plains before the city, but it was not the forces of the Tirenian League - it was the red dragons of Selenizia. They were responsible for creating the Unhallowed army that had instigated the fighting, and were in a position to defeat both the bronze and silver armies. Quickly, the silver and bronze dragons formed an alliance against their mutual enemy. They attacked while the red dragons were still tired from the march. The Argent Knights led the charge, driving towards the Selenizian command tent. They were betrayed by the bronze dragons, who delayed deploying reinforcements so that the silver army was massacred. This could have cost them the battle, but fortunately heroes from both sides were able to slay the red dragon general, and the Selenizians retreated.

After the battle, the silver dragons were forced to surrender. Medilano was absorbed into the empire of the bronze dragons, and its remaining military forces were also absorbed. As winter began, the bronze dragons consolidated their victories and prepared for the forthcoming battles of the next year, against the hated red dragons.


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