The Story So Far

Dragon Princes now has quite a complicated storyline! With every game influenced by those that came before it, and influencing those that are yet to come, there's a lot going on. You don't need to know the story across the multiple games to appreciate what's going on in your game, but if you're interested, this is a quick summary of the entire thing so far. As more games get played, I'll update this post!

Nine Months Ago
  • The mercenaries of the Company of the Wolf stopped the bronze dragon Generale Corragio from conquering the Salassi Valley in north-western Tirenia.
  • They discovered the ancient system of monoliths designed by the last gold dragon emperor to channel magic and destroyed it before it could fall into the hands of the red dragon Rubina. Rubina and the company are killed in the explosion. The fall of the monolith network sends a surge of magic throughout Tirenia.
  • Rubina's skull was claimed by the preacher Fra Salvatore, who started touring it around Tirenia as evidence that dragons can be defeated. He urges people to rise up and fight against the dragons.
Six Months Ago
  • When Rubina's father, Morignus the red dragon ruler of Vanzenia, learned about this, he went into a destructive, paranoid rage. This led to a revolution, where Morignus was overthrown by his daughter, Gianetta.
  • During the revolution, a rare conjunction of three moons, combined with the destruction of the monoliths, led to a huge surge in magical energy. A demon attempted to use this magic to destroy Vanzenia but was stopped by the heirs of the de Benicio family.
  • Gianetta started expanding Vanzenia's influence inland, annexing Eridano and moving towards the land of the silver dragons.
  • In Auromia, the magical surge freed some of the ancient gods, who were bound in ancient artifacts by the gold dragons. It also freed a mysterious undead wizard in Kymaiopolis, who wants to acquire the godly artifacts to preserve his decaying body. (Ongoing!)
  • In Fiumenze, the artist Michele di Lodovico used the magical surge to create a living man out of marble. His rival, Bartolomeo, discovered this and made his own living statue. Both Michele and Bartolomeo were killed by the statues, who escaped and started making more living statues. 
  • In Fiumenze, Fra Salvatore was captured by agents of the bronze dragons  during a sermon, but was rescued by Ratto, a street thief with newly discovered magical powers. (Ongoing!)
  • In Fiumenze, Mercenaries help foil an assassination attempt on Fra Salvatore at the house of Conte Galeazzo.
Image: 'Journey of the Magi.' Benozzo Gozzoli, c. 1460.


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